My Offers

I am able to support you with a wide array of tools in my toolbox. Some models I like to work with are

I work with a diverse toolbox of proven models and digital tools to support you on your journey. Of course, mechanical application won’t do the trick: their specific application with inspiration brings on the magic, stimulating curiosity and overcoming fear of change!

Angelika Pohnitzer
Foturis – The Lightful Management Works

Empowering lightful individuals and structures - their strategy, organisation and culture

As advisor

all aspects of management systems, management and leadership – making systems visible and thus transformable

As speaker

moderator, internal or external presenter, speaking texts/videos

as teacher and trainer

focusing on all aspects of management systems, management and leadership, including self-leadership, mindfulness, communication

as facilitator

sociocratic facilitation for meetings; mediator; constellations; open space technology; facilitating cooperation between technical service providers and non-technical staff


as Designer

of structures, processes, strategies, projects, information systems/databases/collaboration platforms

as writer

TOR for projects or experts, presentations, business cases for transformation, project proposals for donor submission, process or governance documentation


as reviewer

of texts, designs, meetings, trainings/workshops – providing a mirror, sparring partner


as board member

advisory or governance

as personal coach

leadership coach (self-leadership and leadership of others in personal or professional context), energy and productivity coach and accountability partner


as interim manager

especially in the setting-up phase or bringing an organisation to the next level, in any areas of my expertise

Foturis works with clear and agile structures. This allows you to react and grow!

Lightful = Playful = Heartful = Balanced. It's all about balance!



Pricing will depend on the services you need: please do get in touch to receive the current pricing overview. Discounts apply for non-profits and longer-term cooperation. If you feel I would be able to help you, call me also if your financial situation as a start-up is still challenging: I aim to find individual solutions!

Had enough of lean management? Try lightful management…truly delightful!

My gifts

Analytic Skills. Detecting patterns, risks and potential, and communicating them

Creativity. Innovative designs, finding win-win situations and speaking to diverse target groups

Empathy. Understanding different perspectives and what is possible in a given moment and system

Courage and perseverance. Showing other perspectives and driving change

Interdisciplinary approach. Bringing psychological, social, economic and political perspectives to the table

Positive mindset. Always seeing the opportunities in a situation while being realistic about it