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Why Foturis?

Love your customers, hate management? Desperately trying to organise your work and life? Scared by the idea of your first audit? Feeling there must be more than the same old “solutions” that never seem to work? Feeling like something is wrong here but you cannot put the finger on it? Have a brilliant idea but don’t know how to put it in shape so others can understand? Wondering how others might perceive your organisation or content? 

Everything starts within yourself, perceiving your potential and that of your surroundings. Since Enlightenment, “professional” surroundings traditionally focus on the cognitive level only. Recent research shows that we have to go beyond this, engaging the full spectrum of mind in an integral manner, including emotions and felt sense, to fully use our individual and collective intelligence (see e.g. EC Programme Enlightenment 2.0). A variety of tools are available to support this, and also specific aspects of management and leadership, from planning, to organising, from controlling to communicating. 

GLOW – being aware of and showing your strengths – GROW – increasing your productivity and impact – and make FLOW your first nature!

Foturis is available for you online and offline in Vienna, Austria, and around the globe.




If you want to...

Know your strengths as well as development areas; know where

Know that you always do your best with the limited information

Listen and learn with an open heart, open mind and open will –

The ‘best’ is the enemy of the good – understand the big picture and know the devil lies in

Be ever-present and aware that all is one – cross the bridge when you get there, trust that it

Find fundamental peace - Happiness - in keeping the perspective of a curious

Over the years, I have been empowering individuals and structures through authentic being and doing, in private and professional life,

About me

As a consultant, I have much to offer. As a passionate improver – in all spheres of life and at all levels: personal, organisational and community – I facilitate transformation from a holistic point-of-view and I am committed to finding the best fitting approach for any system and the individuals who are part of that system.

Angelika Pohnitzer
Foturis – The Lightful Management Works
How It Works


in 3 easy steps you will be closer to your goal.

Resonance Check-in

30min free conversation to see if there's resonance, what services are needed and what the next steps are - call directly between 08:00 and 18:00 CET, or write a message via email or contact form


Individual Offer

I prepare your individual offer based on the information provided during check-in and - if necessary - in a one-on-one follow-up session. I am very flexible in terms of time zones.



a one-hour speech - a one-day organizational quick check - a one-week audit - a one-month training cycle - all depending on your needs!

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