About me

Over the years, I have been empowering lightful beings and structures - organisations, communities, books, ...

I’m driven by making the world a place that supports the sustainable well-being of all, where we use our full capacities and integral internal, organisational and societal development are on equal footing.    

Angelika Pohnitzer
Foturis – The Lightful Management Works

Foturis is a type of Firefly

Representing agility and light, Foturis means “supporting” in Latin. I love using my passion and my gifts to inspire transformation. Detecting patters and connections, formulating structures in a systemic and systematic manner, and perceiving improvement potential from the detailed to the helicopter view.

As an expert in management systems and happiness, and hands-on social systems developer, I work as an organisational advisor, community builder, speaker and trainer in public, non-profit and private sectors. I am open to long-term engagements on boards just as much as short-term assessments/audits and consultancies. My specific interest lies in supporting social enterpreneurs in setting up a sustainable organisation suitable to their specific context and a deLIGHT to lead and manage.

My passion

Good organisation facilitates the flow of positive energy. It lets the organisation glow, attracting more light, and lets it grow in a healthy manner. Healthy for the people who are engaged in and with the organisation, for the places it occupies and ultimately the planet.

Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it. It fills me with joy to support lightful leaders in creating sustainable impact in their surroundings, thus jointly contributing towards the World Happiness Foundation’s goal of #10biohappyby2050.


All types of management systems for social innovation  organisation/process/project design, management & development; MEL; document, knowledge & information management; community, learning and development; stakeholder, quality, risk & change management

Service-oriented and project-based organisations 
social enterprises, governmental and NGOs interested in setting up/optimising sustainable integrated management systems; also open to for profits who want to further develop ESG aspects, including in the area of tourism/gastronomy

Guerilla tactics and energy work
supporting corporate rebels and enlightened leaders step into their full potential and create lasting impact


Effectuating Entrepreneur

Foturis Leadership and Management Solutions; First Happy Cafe in Austria = World Happiness Foundation Agora Vienna; The World HappyXChange and STier Online Platforms; Herzberatinnen Empowering Women in Vienna

Inspiring Impacteer

Secretary-General of the UN Studies Association Vienna; Part of Heart Team of Action for Happiness in the German-speaking world; Host at the World Happiness Fest; Speaker at Gross Global Happiness; Purpose Alliance Advisor

Committed Learner

Repeated U.lab 2.x Prototyping; Masters in Criminology, International Relations and Integrated Risk Management; Diploma in Social Innovation

Cosmopolitan Mom

Single mother of a 13-year old, who is part of the Vienna Boys Choir

Stepping Stones

For details of my educational and professional background, as well as certificates, check out my LinkedIn profile. I’m happy to connect!