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In my Master’s thesis, I explored the opportunities the evolving research and practice related to adult development models could bring to the public sector, specifically for improving urban resilience. I drew on recent inquiries into multiresilience, public leadership and mindfulness. Social cohesion is an example of how increased contextual awareness of citizens’ needs can benefit prevention, resistance and learning in the face of crises. Focusing on political and civil service leaders, I also reflect on other types of public leaders, and civil servants directly or indirectly communicating with citizens.

I am happy to share my findings on the internal transformation needed for better responding to increased diversity and volatility, both on individual and collective level, during the December 2021 Colloquium of the Institute for Integral Studies in Freiburg, Germany, as well as during the Gross Global Happiness Summit 2022. I look forward to discussing my conclusions with you, including concrete recommendations for public leaders, human resources professionals, researchers and consultants.

Angelika Pohnitzer, Author and Speaker

Students usually don't get the opportunity to develop project management skills during their studies - with some laudable exceptions. At the UN Studies Association Vienna, we aim at bridging the gap for the young professionals who will be the future leaders of the international community.

Angelika Pohnitzer, Secretary General

With its pioneering approach of linking civil society, academic institutions, the UN – diplomats, researchers, practitioners’ and policy-makers – and the next generation, UNSA Vienna generates and shares lessons learned about new topics, ideas and solutions that are critical for the future well-being of and on our planet.

The World HappinessXChange is a global exchange and knowledge platform for happiness multipliers. A joint library and event calendar, written conversations and recommendations, as well as regular picnics in the “gardens” of the World HappinessXChange invite the cooperation essential for reaching the goal of #10biohappyby2050! 

When I first delved into the topic of happiness, I was amazed at how many initiatives existed around the world. How much we would be able to achieve if we all knew about each other and worked together! With the World Happiness Foundation I was glad to find a partner that had already gathered many leaders in the happiness field.

Angelika Pohnitzer, Founder and Coordinator

The amount of ideas that never see the light of much additional positive energy they could bring to the world!

Angelika Pohnitzer, Edupreneur

With what we do as “Herzberatinnen”, we want to encourage and empower women in Vienna and beyond to bring their ideas into the world in a fundamentally sustainable fashion – for themselves, people, place and the planet.

Female feed-forward instead of feed-back! With the integrated mind-heart-hand-methodology of the coaching circle, women who connect via the SourceField portal around specific challenges they encounter can support each other from a future-oriented perspective.

Personally, I learned about the importance of deep listening as part of the Presencing Institute's course on Leading from the Emerging Future - and it is now the foundation of any leadership course I hold.

Angelika Pohnitzer, Advisor

Impressed by Action for Happiness, I set up the first Happy Café in Vienna in 2018. As part of the "Heart-Team" of Action for Happiness in the German-speaking world, I now have the opportunity to shape the direction and to work with a wonderful team of volunteers actively engaged in bringing more happiness into the world. Want to join us at our next Strategy Meeting, online exchange or course?

Angelika Pohnitzer, Vienna Community Coordinator and Trainer

Action for Happiness provides for easy-to-use tools such as calendars, an app, posters, webinars and courses, through which any happiness activist can bring more happiness to their own life, and to their communities. Regional and local chapters can build on these tools, and also create their own reflections. In Mariahilf, for example, we organised the first Happiness Walk in Vienna.

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I’m looking forward to learning about your initiatives – be it for inspiration, as a potential partner or as a consultant or coach!

Angelika Pohnitzer
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